Trans Canada Brewing Company
1-1290 Kenaston Boulevard
Show Time 7pm


Shannon’s Irish Pub
175 Carlton Street
Show Time 10:00pm


The RecRoom
696 Sterling Lyon Parkway
Show Time 8:00pm

APRIL 27/28

SMITH Restaurant
75 Forks Market Road
Show Time 9:00pm


The Stephanie Westdal Band is driven by Stephanie’s flawless, hauntingly beautiful vocals. Her captivating live performances showcase her vulnerable, and sometimes playful,  sophisticated songwriting talent and unique style for covers.

The Stephanie Westdal Band’s live performances captivate audiences with Stephanie’s vocals and energy drawing listeners into her world.  

Stephanie is complemented by Tom Brodbeck on drums and Bob Kujanpaa on bass creating a dynamic rhythm foundation.

Live at the Rec Room Sept 2023

Live at the Rec Room July 2023

Ain’t No Sunshine – Live at the Kingshead Pub

Live at Smith Oct 2023

Stephanie Westdal singing


Stephanie Westdal is an internationally acclaimed performer and recording artist having written and performed 3 albums: Finally, Into the Blue and Shabooboo Burger. Her hauntingly beautiful vocals and rhythmic guitar create a deeply emotional, energizing experience for audiences worldwide. Stephanie’s music genres include original singer songwriter material, r&b, pop, rock, folk and jazz. 

Some of the highlights include a collaboration with the CBC on the recording of her first album Finally and the video Bleed, performing live several times on Much Music, and being the episode feature of CBC series Hot off the Dock with her band, Chains on 20. In addition to receiving Canadian radio play and television, she performed at many Canadian festivals. To date Stephanie has performed with her own bands in Canada, the UK, Turkey and the USA. Some of Stephanie’s headlining gigs include Canada Day performances in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey, where her seven-piece band brought the house down.

Currently Stephanie performs R&B and originals with The Stephanie Westdal Band in Canada. Check out her music on Spotify, Apple Music, subscribe to her YouTube page, and follow her on Instagram!


Tom’s solid rhythms and funky grooves are a big part of the Stephanie Westdal Band sound. Delivered through studio-quality electronic drums, Tom’s flawless beats and tasteful fills provide the band with a dynamic foundation that supports the group’s wide range of musical genres.
Tom began playing night clubs and touring major cities across Canada at a young age. As a founding member of the Canadian pop/rock band See Spot Run in the 1980s, Tom learned the intricacies of the music business and gained valuable experience in the recording studio, including with record producer and former April Wine member Gary Moffet.
Tom, who grew up in Montreal and has lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba since 1990, prides himself in providing the right drumming for the right song. He is just as comfortable texturizing melodies with tasteful conga and timbale rhythms as he is filling the dance floor with driving drum beats.
With well over 2,000 live performances under his belt, Tom’s in-the-pocket drumming, backing vocals and musicianship are an integral part of a Stephanie Westdal Band performance.


Bob Kujanpaa’s tasteful and melodic bass playing is one of the driving forces behind the Stephanie Westdal Band’s signature sound. He brings 20+ years of experience across multiple genres to the stage. It is pop/rock where this multi-instrumentalist (Bob also plays guitar and mandolin) shines the most, delivering strong rhythmic patterns that complement and support Stephanie’s rhythm guitar and soulful vocals.
Bob and Tom have played together in a variety of musical projects over the years and developed a solid rhythm section that provides the band with a surprisingly full sound for a trio. Bob was born and raised in Manitoba and is based out of Winnipeg.